Scottsdale, AZ Workshop

Date: Saturday May, 3rd and Sunday May, 4th

Cost: $50 a class or two for $80

Location: 10050 North Scottsdale Road

Experience Arizona yoga legend Aaron King as he returns to Arizona for the
first time in many years. Aaron will only be teaching 2 workshops which
will sell out fast.

The Sweet Sweat

At One Yoga co-founder Aaron King has a very unique style. He teaches one
of the most powerful (sweaty) classes but with a special touch and
sweetness that is uniquely Aaron. Those who take his class are fans for
life! In this 2 hour flowing vinyasa class, Aaron will teach a specially
designed sequence  to build heat, increase flexibility and eliminate
impurities. And best of all, Aaron will leave you will finish with a
period of restorative yoga to relax deeply. “Let go and trust the flow.”


Aaron’s awesome music and precise and powerful flow will detoxify and
leave you supremely relaxed and blissed out. . Aaron’s keys to health:
compassion, balance, and love. His soulful style made him a legend in his
years teaching in Phoenix from 1998 to 2006 at which time he moved to
Aspen to create his own studio, King Yoga.

About Aaron

Aaron King was an original co-founder of At One Yoga.  In 2006, he moved
to Aspen to create his own studio, King Yoga.  HIs soulful style and
strong sequencing make him one of those rare and unforgettable teachers
who connect with you at the deepest level. His music, powerful physical
adjustments, and resounding voice are one-of-a-kind and not to be missed!
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